Beauty Treatment


Ear piercing

Our ear piercing system is the high-quality Caflon brand, the most widely recognised system in the world.

We only pierce over the age of 11 and the earlobe area, first and second hole. Also, anyone under the age of 16 must-have parental consent, and be accompanied by an adult.

We use Caflon ear studs which are hypoallergenic material, they come in many different styles and sizes such as 24ct gold plate, silver plate, and titanium.



  • Do not fiddle with the ears, avoid any unnecessary handling of the ears and studs.

  • Do not replace studs with other earrings during the initial 6 week period.

  • Wash hands before touching the stud or ear and cleanse the pierced area twice a day without removing the earrings by lightly applying

  • Caflon Ear Care Solution to the front and back of the pierced area.

  • With clean hands, rotate the studs back and forth at least once a day.

  • Do not allow soap or shampoo to build up behind the stud or clasp. Rinse well with the Caflon Ear Care Solution after bathing.

  • Between cleanings, keep the pierced area DRY.

  • Cover the ears when spraying perfume, antiperspirant, hairspray.

  • Do not push the butterfly clasp along the post toward the ear. The

  • Butterfly clasp should always be positioned at the end of the post.

  • Minor pain/redness may occur immediately – this is normal. This should settle within 48 hours provided you have followed the above after-care.