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LVL Lash Lift

Exclusive to Nouveau Lashes, our LVL lash lift is the revolutionary lash treatment that creates masses of length, volume and lift with your own natural lashes.

It’s a great alternative to lash extensions and the perfect way to enhance what you already have, whether your lashes are long, short, thick, or stubborn. This treatment will create the look of longer, fuller lashes that make your eyes appear more open and youthful as well as saving time in your morning routine. So, if you’re looking for long-lasting, low maintenance, natural-looking eyelash enhancement then Nouveau Lashes LVL lash lift is for you.

This treatment requires a patch test 48 hours before the service.

Treatment time - 1hour

How long does LVL last? - up to 8 weeks

Eyelash Extensions

This treatment requires a patch test 48 hours before the service.

Individual lash extensions are placed onto your natural lashes for your desired look using semi-permanent glue, giving you a fuller but natural look for long term wear.

How long does lash extensions last? - up to 8 weeks

Treatment time - full set 1 hour 30 minutes

Lash extension Removal - £25


Enhance the look of your eyebrows and eyelashes by having a tint, our expert therapists will assess your hair, eye colour and skin colour before starting, to make sure we have the right shade for you. this treatment is particularly great for people that have fair hairs and wear makeup on a daily basis such as eyebrow pencil and mascara.

How Long Does It Last?

Most eyebrow and eyelash tints will last between four to six weeks with the dye subtly fading until your lashes and brows return to their natural colour. Proper aftercare treatment can help make the results last longer, Strong sunlight/UV light can make the tint colour fade faster.