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Beauty Treatment

Also known as collagen induction therapy / mesotherapy

Our micro-needling system produces fantastic results, it is suitable for all skin types, and here at Ethos, we take it a step further by delivering a cocktail of ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin.





When you are looking for a clinic that offers advanced skin care, you should look for a few things to ensure a pleasant and positive experience.

The surroundings and the feel of the practice and therapist are essential, but asking the right questions in your search can make all the difference to your final decision. 

We have listed below some questions and our answers here at Ethos Skin and Laser Clinic for you to consider:


Is the clinic fully licensed with the local council?

The Ethos Skin and Laser Clinic are licensed and registered with Richmond Council.


Are the staff qualified and regularly trained in the treatments they offer?

Ethos sees training as paramount to offering the best service possible to all our clients and for our staff to develop and expand their expertise to be able to deliver safe, effective treatments to each valued client.


Does the clinic work in a covid secure way?

Ethos is part of a private dental clinic that undergoes regular inspections by the Quality Care Commission and has a rigorous approach to working hygienically for the safety of all. Staff work in a covid secure way using masks, visors, gloves, and aprons. The room is thoroughly sanitised after each new client, and we allow extra time for this to be done to a high standard. We also fog the room throughout the day and wipe down all surfaces and couches.


What is the clinic's aftercare policy and support for advanced treatments?

Ethos follows a recommended aftercare protocol for all treatments and ensures clients know how to implement this at home. We welcome clients to get in touch if they need extra advice or reassurance after any advanced service we offer at the clinic. 

What suppliers does the clinic use?

Ethos research all of our treatments and product suppliers to deliver outstanding results with high-quality machinery and services; our clients can feel safe in the knowledge that the suppliers we work with are leaders in the field within the industry. These companies, for example, Lynton Lasers, offer regular servicing of machinery, training, and support to the clinic and staff.

Can you see real before and after photos from treatments carried out at the clinic?

Ethos documents clients' progress with their permission and has a proven record of before and after images available.


Does the clinic have reviews from other happy clients?

Ethos has many positive reviews for you to see and love when clients leave comments to help others make their decisions.

Is everything explained in a clear, concise manner to help you reach an informed decision? 

Ethos does not use hard-sell practices and always strives to give clients as much information to help them reach their decision. We encourage clients to research the treatments we offer and have a wealth of information on our website to aid this process.


Do you offer no-obligation consultations?

Ethos will not perform any advanced treatments without a full free consultation for each client. We recommend what we believe will be the best course of action for each person. We are honest in our approach and want clients to be fully informed before we begin any treatments. Also, we would mention if there is something we cannot deliver and advise any other possibilities or practitioners we may be aware of that can help with the client's concerns wherever possible. 

We would welcome you to visit us for a free consultation either in person or via zoom, so we can work together to reach your specific goals and maximise your skin's health. 

This is a chance to meet with your therapist and get to know us, so you can feel comfortable and at ease whilst being educated and guided on the best treatments and home care available to you.


At every initial consultation, you will be asked to complete a client record card and invited to ask specific questions to help ascertain your main concerns and any contraindications to treatments or products. 


The therapist will assess your skin and home care regime and offer free advice as to the best way to progress forward. 


We want to simplify the array of treatments that can be confusing and will send you a personalised obligation-free treatment plan. This plan will contain suitable treatments and products with links to a wealth of information on our website for you to look over in the comfort of your own home, in your own time. 

We hope this information has helped and we are looking forward to hearing from you if you have any questions.